COVID-19 Safety Tips for Hybrid Events in 2021

2021 is the year we should all be considering safety for any gathering whether big or small. Events often require social gathering which may cause super spreaders for COVID. However, this cannot be the case. The reputation of event brands should be built on health and safety. 

Here are some COVID-19 safety tips when hosting an event:

  • Enforce mask-wearing at all times.
  • Use a reliable, non-contact digital thermometer.
  • Enforce social distancing (6ft apart) at all times, whether seated or standing especially indoors.
  • Create a sanitization schedule to be used throughout the event.
  • Two or more stewards should be present to direct attendees and enforce compliance with the rules at all times.
  • Collect relevant attendee data so that contact tracing is possible in case there are transmissions or suspected transmissions of COVID 19.
  • If possible, have persons tested days before the event and after.
  • Be aware of the guidelines from your local authorities to ensure compliance.

Many attendees see attending events as a serious potential risk to their health. As a result, creating the feeling of safety and confidence should be the number one priority for event planners. Both the industry and attendees should prioritize safety above everything else to prevent an outbreak.

The iTeneri support team is fully on board with the local and international efforts to reduce the spread of COVID 19. We are proud pioneers of virtual event technology that engages attendees while allowing brands to reach them in the comfort and safety of their homes. Visit to learn more.

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