Importance of Penetration Testing

Importance of Penetration Testing

As we are moving to a more technological era, the risk of data breaches has drastically increased. Hackers are becoming more experienced and it may be easier for them to exploit any vulnerability that exists within your IT infrastructure. If your business experience a small cyber hack you could lose a number of things including your license and even your customers’ trust! 

Below is a list of reasons why penetration testing is important and should not be taken lightly. 

  • Preparation For An Attack

Penetration testing is a great way to prepare for an attack. Every organization should be trying its best to prevent its system from being compromised. One of the main functions of penetration testing is to strengthen your organization’s system security and help personnel to understand how to navigate around any type of break-in from hackers. Pen tests help you to examine your organization’s security policies to see if they are effective as is or if they need to be improved.  

  • Risk Identification

It is important that a pen- test is completed in order to offer insight into which channels in your application are at high risk. Continuous assessment should be done within your organization if you are responsible for sensitive data. This process will evaluate if you are protecting confidential information and highlight any areas of weakness in your system and resolve any vulnerabilities that may be present. 

  •  Regulations and Compliance

Almost all organizations require a risk assessment to identify what impact it will have if you do not perform a penetration test. Penetration testing is a part of a company’s laws and regulations. If penetration testing is not completed you may be charged and or lose your business license. This regulation is to ensure that data privacy is not breached. Penetration testing may not prevent hackers from accessing customers’ personal information however, it helps in putting things in place and reduces the risk of a data breach. Protecting your customer’s information should be a number one priority. 

  • Testing New Technology Implementation

Before your new technology goes into production is the perfect time to perform a pen test! Testing new technology will help you to scan for presenting vulnerabilities and save you tons of money and time. Vulnerabilities will be easier to fix and prevent errors before the application goes live. 

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