Tickkiz – 21st Behavior and School Management Software

Tickkiz – School Behaviour Management System Background


The Tickkiz project was conceptualized two (2) years ago to address the current paper based system of managing students’ behaviour, attendance, grades, Guidance Counsellors Daily Log and Deans of Discipline Disciplinary Log book. Since then, a team of professionals with  backgrounds in technology, business management, behaviour management and education, has been put together, to ensure the success of this project. Tickkiz is especially geared towards improving the level of parent involvement, and the communication among parents, students and schools. Our objective is accomplished through specially designed features such as; a connected mobile and web application that will provide each parent with the technology needed to track and monitor their child’s academic and behavioural performance at their educational institution. Additionally, this system provides teachers, guidance counsellors and administrative staff with a systematic and time saving method to manage and track students’ academic and behavioural progress.


The MOEY Involvement 

Tickkiz believes in continuous development. The project will provide flexibility in offering personalised features based on the unique requirements of each school. As such, it is important that our application is in line with the goals and objectives of the MOEYI and with continued assistance from the Ministry, we will be able to drive any further development to ensure maximum product outcome.


The  Universal Services Fund’s Involvement

The Universal Service Fund (USF) is an Agency under the Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology whose mandate is to ensure access to information and communication tools to facilitate development. At Tickkiz our goals are in alignment with the USF, thus they have agreed to partner with us by funding the entire pilot project. Our partnership will see the USF highlighted on the Tickkiz platform as an organization that supports positive behaviour reinforcement and youth development. Once the pilot is proven then ownership licence of the platform in Jamaica will be discussed on a wide scale roll out across Jamaica.

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