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By : admin May 11, 2018 No Comments

Today I want to talk about behaviour, particularly student’s behaviour and its contributing factor to the crime and violence we face today. I grew up an old fashion guy and one thing I would always hear ringing from my grandmother’s mouth is “you have to bend the tree while its young because when it’s too old you can no longer do anything about it”. I had one of the rarest privileges of Teaching a group of students briefly at basic school and then coincidentally at a high school in grade eight. After the first week I recognise that the same set of students that could trace their names properly at basic school was in upper eight while the ones that couldn’t, was in lower eight, what this simple meant is that the students that were slow in basic school were still slow at High school, mind-blowing but true, and the sad fact is that the more time passes the harder it will be for them to catch up. In most cases a student’s academic and behavioural pattern goes hand in hand, so could it be possible that if certain behavioural traits were captured and adjusted from an early age these students would have been in upper eight? I believe this to be true. Our education system may be a bit flawed in my view, however currently it’s like running a race and everyone starts at the same point, the slower you start and the more you get distracted its the harder it is for you to catch up. So imagine for example a child misbehaves and is placed in a quiet corner where he missed his class work, he will have to try and do it the other day, now imagine this happening 15 times in a term eventually, the other children are two times ahead of him. Now we fast track to grade eight and this child is sitting in a class trying to learn content he can’t understand as he can only comprehend at the grade 4 level evidently, his behaviour is only going to get worst as that’s all he can do.
We move to grade 11, this child doesn’t graduate and is now out of school with zero subjects and no high school certificate, what’s next? he can’t go to heart trust because they require at least 3 subjects, his parents won’t send him to school anymore because they can’t afford it, he is just stuck! well not really, there is still scamming, its easy to do, he can make a lot of fast money and he get’s all the girls and cars. Ladies and gentlemen I have spoken to a lot of these young people and this right here is how they end up where they are, so where did it all go bad? someone says sometimes the most obvious answer is right in front of you and in this case, it is at the beginning. As my grandmother would say you have to bend the tree from its young, we have to take control of our students and children’s behaviour from a young and tender age, we have to continuously monitor them and provide the appropriate intervention to help correct these negative behaviours if we want a positive tomorrow. Now I believe that I would have to call my self a hypocrite if am here writing about what we as adults should do, without doing anything my self and this is where Tickkiz comes in, A social learning and student behaviour management system.
The Tickkiz technology seeks to address the current paper-based system of managing students’ behavior, attendance, grades, and the manual guidance counselors log book. Tickkiz is especially geared towards further parent involvement within schools, with specially designed features such as; a mobile and web application connected to each parent’s child that provides them with the resources needed to track and monitor their child’s academic and behavioral performance at school, 24 hours a day. In the near future Tickkiz will be a system that uses advanced Artificial Intelligent bots to monitor and learn a student’s behavior then provide intervention recommendations on how to correct negative behavioral patterns or build on the positive. It is my vision that this technology will help to reduce the crime and violence in our country and make it a safer place to live, grow and play.
you may visit www.tickkiz.com to find out more about our platform.

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