Tailored To Satisfy Any Of Your Event Needs:We Take Your Attendees’ Experience To The Next Level

Hosting any event, whether virtual or hybrid, there is a lot of meticulous planning that is involved. From creating the event plan and its agenda to pre-event marketing to registration to conducting mock runs and analyzing data– it all falls under the event planner’s role. Which can be very stressful.You can have iTeneri’s Client Experience Team by your side. The iTeneri Team prizes itself on our white glove customer service and support. 

Here’s a look at ways we take your attendee’s on a journey through our event platform.

We help you to set clear objectives

Our team will help you to define the goals and objectives of your event. This will help you to plan and execute a successful event that meets your attendees’ needs and expectations.

We create an interactive space that attendees can enjoy

We create an engaging and interactive event experience for your attendees. Incorporating elements of interactive technology is a great way to drive participation. Although getting involved can often be daunting in person, using an online presence helps people feel more at ease.

We provide an easily accessible platform

Registration? Navigation? Live stream access? All are easily and readily available in just one or two simple steps. Leave the solutions up to us.

We keep your attendees up to date

Push notifications, engagement emails prior to during and after your event help the attendees to never miss a beat. With all these features customized to our clients needs we ensure they get the most value out of our platform.

Hybrid Events: We create a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere

 A comfortable and welcoming atmosphere is crucial to creating a positive experience for your attendees. We help you to consider factors such as lighting, temperature, and seating arrangements to ensure that your attendees feel comfortable and at ease in the venue of choice.

We help you to make your event one of the most personable experiences

Personalization is key to creating a memorable event experience for your attendees. We help you to consider how you can have personalized content, personalized gamification activities and personalized networking opportunities to create a more personalized experience for your attendees.

We support you all the way through

Even after planning and execution, anything can go wrong during an event. With our designated client experience team you’ll get real-time event support and we’ll troubleshoot any technical issues that may occur.  When you’re live at an event, our team is available and by your side to support you throughout the entire event process and provide answers to questions you or your attendees may have. Leaving you to feel confident throughout your event. The second something happens, our client experience team is already on it!

We provide post-event support

Gathering feedback and analyzing post-event data

In order to measure the success of your event and plan for another, feedback, which can include your event’s hits and misses, must be gathered and analyzed. Our customer experience team will help you put together appropriate data, identify the engagement levels of your audience, speakers and sponsors and give suggestions for your future events. 

also facilitate, if willing by the client, discussions about the event’s performance and external feedback, such as post-event surveys and collecting feedback from your attendees, partners and guests right after the event this way you can monitor what they liked and didn’t like about it while also improvising on certain aspects of your next events.

The field of event management is an exciting yet challenging one. One of many challenges is how to create an event attendee experience that stands out and compels attendees to come back in the future, remain loyal customers, and become promoters of your event given the memorable pleasure already derived from previous events.

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