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Less than fifteen years ago my dad bought his first phone a “Nokia 3310”, we called it Betsy. I remember like it was yesterday, my dad not wanting to take the phone to the farm with him as to not damage it, my brother and I took this as a blessing, so we would hide under the bed and play snake and lather all day and in case you are wondering we did got caught but that’s another story. Today my dad has a galaxy and he takes it everywhere with him rain or shine, as for games I sat and witnessed a 2-year-old go on the play store, download and install a car game and simply started to play. At some point, we start to ask our selves these questions, if technology can change so much within the past 15 years, what’s going to happen in the next 10 years? what does this mean for our children and the career path they choose?
I really believe the answer to these questions are quite simple, and I absolutely love using my experiences to justify my case. My company is currently tasked with building a Hospital Management System, in the first module we decided to automate the entire process from the inventory to the nurse’s station to the business department, in shorter words, automate how their money is handled. The objective of the system is to ensure that the process is more secure with fewer loopholes, more scalable and faster, however, something else happened after we finished with the module and that is 4 employees became redundant, so how did this happen? The truth is technology and computers allow businesses to scale a lot faster than humans alone can do, regardless of the type of business computers will impact it in some form or another, so as a nation how do we prepare for this drastic change that’s on us? I always tell my students and any young person I come in contact with that if they want to become relevant in the future then they need to choose a career path that puts them in the center of technology. As a nation we have to start educating our children at a young age about the core STEM professions, stop pushing them into the traditional careers such as accounting, Teaching I mean in the next couple of years there won’t even be a classroom, no one is going to want to go to school when he or she can learn from the comfort of their homes with Virtual Reality, think about it, 15 years ago no one knew about smart phones, now its like we can’t live without it, A couple years from now I guarantee you that people will be walking around with VR headsets. To make my point a bit clearer if you don’t want to become redundant then you just have to step up your game because we are going to be automating everything, and if I don’t do it someone else will, its just where technology is and where it’s going.
In the next 10 years unless we start having 100 times more students pursuing courses in Science, Technology, Engineer or Mathematics we will find our selves as a nation becoming more and more redundant, we can see particles of this already happening as we have to be outsourcing to Chinese developers for engineering and Indians for technology. If we continue to grow at the current level at which we are growing then as those four employees became redundant we too as a country will become redundant and is totally reliant on external resources to fulfill the Jobs that will be present.

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