Using Audio Visual Equipment and Streaming Best Practices To Enhance The Quality Of Your Event.

In the past couple of months, we’ve all been forced to become professional video and audio-visual producers with tasks such as propping up laptops, buying ring lights, and downloading Zoom to broadcast. I’m sure you may think that you’ve got this and maybe you feel as if you can execute an event on your own, because why not? You’ve been doing it this whole time you must be good at it! I’m glad we all got to learn a new skill that can help with the execution of your event however, some events require full-on audio-visual and streaming professionals to provide a world-class event experience for your attendees.

Let’s discuss a few ways in which you can enhance the quality of your event.

1. Plan Ahead

Planning ahead for your event will allow you to keep on track with your event’s agenda. Evaluating your AV requirements and features of your event that will require some degree of audio or visual support will save you from running around and trying to find solutions at the last minute. After all, You don’t want missing equipment to surprise you during your event which can drive your audience away or make it seem as if the event wasn’t properly coordinated. Plan for every situation, even if it seems unlikely to happen. Unexpected setbacks can throw off the entire timeline of your event and ruin your agenda.

2. Go Big On Audio

Good quality audio equipment is essential for any successful event. To put this into context, think about how quickly you would lose your attendee’s interest if your speakers kept saying can you hear me now? Or a video being played and there is no audio. After all, it is proven that the more senses that are engaged, the easier it is for humans to learn something. This is why you should invest in the best audio equipment that will allow speakers to be heard no matter how big the room is or how far they are joining virtually. The right equipment will contribute to the flow of your event making it seamless and may even increase engagement with your audience.

3. Audio Visual Enrichment

The right audio-visual (AV) equipment can drastically improve your event. AV is electronic media possessing both a sound and a visual component. Using the right AV equipment brings your event to life by helping your audience to connect with your speakers which is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

4. Video

Video during an event makes everything more interesting. Seeing who is speaking or being able to view a live performance will definitely keep your audience engaged. In order for your video to come across seamlessly, things such as the right camera, lighting, and mixers will definitely keep attendees locked into your event.

5. Choose a Professional AV Team

Choosing the right AV team will increase your event’s success rate. Using a professional team such as iTeneri will provide you with all the necessary equipment needed for the execution of your event. From cameras and lights to microphones and mixers. An AV team such as ours can increase your event ROI and leave your audience feeling pleased with all aspects of your event.

With all this being said, With the right audio-visual and streaming practices, your virtual event will be a memorable one. Take the necessary steps to ensure that every aspect of your event is planned ahead of time and you have the right team that will ensure the event runs smoothly.

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