Ask your customers in a better way

The Best Way To Capture Feedback

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Increase in customer feedback resulting in a faster and more efficient service, ensuring happy customers and swifter responses.
Easy To Navigate

Easily navigate our feedback tool with intuitive emojis, making sharing insights simple and engaging for all users.

Save Time, Share Feedback

Streamline your feedback process with our time-efficient emoji tool, ensuring quick communication and efficient data collection.


Revolutionize Feedback Collection

Tap into Technology with Ease
Upgrade from traditional paper-based visitor feedback collection to a modern, technology-driven approach with just a tap of an emoji.
Emoji Feedback

Simplify feedback collection with emojis, ensuring clearer insights and greater engagement.

Feedback Kiosk

Maximize feedback response rates with SurveyStance Feedback Survey Kiosk


Significantly reduce wait times by pre-registering expected visitors.

Visitor Screening

Create custom requirements for on-site visitors to support screening and safety procedures.

Analytics and Reporting

Gain access to in-depth analytics about visitor behavior during their visit to your organization