iTeneri is an event management platform that simplifies all the chaotic aspects of planning an online and offline event. 
It is capable of managing Online Event Registration, Onsite Registration, Check in, Pre and Post Event Engagement, Meal Plan/Catering, Floor Plan Management, Task assignment/management and other event planning activities.
This is an attempt to streamline and manage pre and post event activities, hence delivering the best event experience, providing measurable value and meeting specified objectives for attendees and all other stakeholders.

Zoom Integration

iTeneri is able to properly manage a range of event types, the procession of the event and the required online technical support.

Online Voting

iTeneri allows voting by participants. Create ballots that allow persons to vote in online elections.

Event Website

Website for events can be developed and hosted through iTeneri. It displays all event details, registration and marketing.


Allow attendees to pay for your event online using debit, credit or paypal.

RecruiterPlus is an online platform that provides companies with the opportunity to acquire suitable workers for their institution. It allows job vacancies to be posted, easy collaboration with hiring managers and efficient communication with applicants so you can hire only the best.
RecruiterPlus is a trusted source and hiring system, making the recruitment process easy and hassle-free for companies in any industry. 

Automated Selection

Automate your entire application process by creating criterias for your ideal candidate

Job Board Push

Post your jobs to thousands of job boards increasing the reach to a wider qualified audience.

Paperless Application

Simplify the way applicants fill out their information using questions created by you for your applicants.

HappyReply is a customer feedback management tool that uses emojis as survey responses. This makes the survey process more interactive and simplifies the communication between businesses and customers.
The application solves the problem of lack of engagement by running surveys on tablets in kiosk mode while using fun and interactive emojis to grasp the user’s attention and responses.
Get more feedback from your customers by creating beautiful and interactive surveys with HappyReply. 

Simple Design

Create beautiful, simple and professional surveys in just a few minutes either on your own or with our free templates.

Customer Accessibility

Whether it's via email, social networks, etc; no matter where your customers are, we provide the tools for you to reach them.

24-Hour Global Support

Chat, phone or email, we are always here to make your life easier.

Right Question, Right Answer

From simple to advanced, we have all the question types you need to generate meaningful feedback.

Robust Reporting Analysis

We offer a full suite of reporting and analysis tools that quickly turns your data into insights.

Mobile Research

Our apps are designed specifically to allow for data collection and analysis everywhere you go.

The Tickkiz project was conceptualized to address the current paper based system of managing all academic activities. It is used to enhance learning in various communities and sectors.
Tickkiz is recognized by the Universal Service Fund (USF) and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MOEY), as the most scalable Social Learning and Behavior Management System, both locally and internationally
The core objective is to bridge the communication gap between parents,schools, teachers, counsellors and students by providing all the stakeholders with the data needed to make objective decisions when tackling students behaviours and academic management.

Behaviour Management

Tickkiz offers easy management of student behaviour. This makes it easier for teachers to make critical decisions when dealing with their students.

Attendance Management

Tickkiz encourages full-time attendance and provides teachers with the tools necessary to make attendance management easy.

Academic Management

Tickkiz makes it easy for teachers and administrators to manage students' academic discipline from anywhere at any time.

Report Generation

Tickkiz generates reports on behaviour, attendance, discipline, grades, awards and sanctions. This makes the process of reporting less time consuming.