A One-Stop Solution For All Things Event, iTeneri Does It All

A One-Stop Solution For All Things Event, iTeneri Does It All

As one of Jamaica’s premier event production companies, we understand our client’s needs and how hectic planning an event can be. At iTeneri, We provide a safe haven for companies planning conferences, tradeshows, AGMs, Investor briefings, and any other events, by being a one-stop solution for all their event needs.

iTeneri should be your event provider as it has a solution for all aspects of the event stages and not all companies offer the same flexibility. Here are a few ways we can enhance your event:

Custom Website

Don’t have a website? The iTeneri team will take care of it! Our process includes creating a custom registration page for our clients that includes all information about their upcoming event making it easier for attendees to have access to all the necessary information in one space. Our platform also has a variety of website templates to choose from that can be branded to your liking.


iTeneri provides a simple two-step registration process for your attendees. Our registration forms are completely customizable, you can add any additional field to capture attendees’ data, whether it is their age, region, or even their gender. We understand the importance of data and we are committed to helping you obtain it.

Live Streaming

Our built-in video streaming tool provides refined video quality for your virtual audience. At iTeneri, we ensure that your virtual or hybrid event streaming has top-tier video quality and eliminates all interruptions such as buffers or unsynchronized movements.

Platform Integration

We help our clients focus on the content, while the iTeneri team works to ensure everything is seamless. Our platform also has some amazing integration features such as our newsfeed area that allows attendees to make posts and allows other attendees to like or comment. Posts made within our platform can also be shared with other social media platforms and vice versa. Our virtual exhibition hall also allows attendees to purchase goods all in one space!

Technical support

iTeneri offers technical support throughout all stages of your event to help ensure that your live stream production goes as smoothly as possible. Our technical support team takes the hassle of having to worry about the small stuff. From venue preparation to onsite technical assistance and logistics, we understand what it takes to execute a successful virtual or hybrid event.

Reporting and Data Analytics

Our platform is able to generate detailed reports that include data such as attendees’ names, email addresses, contact numbers, ages, regions, etc. The data generated in our reports can be customized based on our client’s needs to help measure their event’s success rate. iTeneri also has a built-in feature that generates daily reports and sends them to clients to keep them in the loop with their event progress.

Equipment Rentals 

iTeneri is prepared to create full-scale live-stream productions for your virtual or hybrid events. Our production team is equipped and able to do a full setup that includes lighting, audio, and the necessary gadgets needed for your event’s virtual and in-the-room viewing.

Don’t have a virtual audience? Dont worry! We provide a solution for in-person events as well. We will ensure your visuals are displayed and presented professionally for your audience in the room. in the room and all attendees no matter where they are seated are able to hear.

iTeneri is committed to providing you with the highest level of service in the planning and execution of your event, whether Virtual, hybrid or in-person!