Virtual events can be easier to participate in and more cost-effective for businesses.

Hosting In-person events requires careful planning, a ton of organization, and a lot of pointless spending. It is important that event planners explore all options available to them including making their events fully virtual. iTeneri should be your number-one choice when executing your virtual event. Our virtual platform is cost-effective and will save you tons of unnecessary spending. Our platform is built with the necessary tools to ensure that each event is executed in the most engaging way possible while ensuring that the video quality for your virtual attendees is flawless.

Here are a few ways we can help you improve your virtual events and how your team could benefit from partnering with us.

Cost Efficient

Using iTeneri for your virtual events is the way to go if you are looking to save funds. We allow you to grow your audience by providing simple registration, interactive tools, and a flexible event platform to create a once-in-a-lifetime experience without increasing your events cost. Definitely a win-win! Virtual events are more cost-efficient because you get to save money on travel, catering, decor, staff, and having to prepare accommodations.

iTeneri allows you to reach an impressive number of people using only a good internet connection, a computer, or your own webcam for example. In general, virtual events are cheaper. The only thing that planners need to worry about paying is the costs of the virtual meeting platform.

Increase Connections and Interaction

Gone are the days when face-to-face interactions were the only way to make connections, with technology evolving, we are now given the opportunity to interact and create long-term connections virtually. Even though in-person events are a great way to interact, virtual events can also be highly interactive and friendly and also increase registrant participation and engagement. iTeneri offers interactive tools such as polls, Q&A, live chat, and even a downloadable document section that provides resources so your attendees can fully engage with your content.

iTeneri also allows attendees and event hosts to form relationships at a more fast-paced due to its ability to give virtual attendees the opportunity to move from session to session or booth to booth making it easier to interact.

Wider Audience

Face-to-face events can limit the turnout of attendees due to a variety of unforeseen circumstances, Tons of events have been canceled or have little to no turnout due to weather or even attendees or speakers being stuck in traffic. Hosting a virtual event will allow you to reach a much larger audience for a lower cost! There is no limitation as to the number of persons that can attend your event, this will allow you to attract a geographically distributed audience and even gain a few more sponsors. This will drastically increase your brand awareness, revenue, and lead generation.

 Our virtual platform gives sponsors, attendees, and presenters the ability to join from anywhere in the world. Many participants may not be able to attend the event in person and this is where the virtual aspect will come in handy. Using an event platform like iTeneri, remote attendees can do more than just join the event: They can interact with the speakers, and other attendees using our tools like Q&A, polls, chat, etc.

Generates revenue

With virtual events being able to accommodate more persons it definitely brings greater revenue! iTeneri allows you to Monetize your event by selling tickets within the platform which in return provides you with an immediate return on your event investment. Our platform also creates a Recording of the event which can be added to your website and placed on a subscription plan for participants who may have missed the official event. This is definitely a great way to generate revenue.

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