9 Website Must-Have Features

website must haves

Website design can be an overwhelming process. We all want to have a stellar website that is beautiful however, there is a list of things that should be included for it to be effective and attract the right audience. Below are 9 must-haves for your website that will improve your customer engagement and provide an overall positive experience while on the site.

  • Contact information

One of the most crucial pieces of business information that should be on your website is contact information. This is a must-have! Your website should include a telephone number, email address, and a contact form. These will make it much easier for persons to get in touch with you if they are interested in your services. When adding contact information, ensure that it can be clicked on or copied to prevent potential customers from making mistakes or having to type out the information. This will also be more convenient and easier for visitors.

  • Social Media Integration

Every visitor to your website is the result of your marketing and SEO efforts. Social media  links allow you to make the most of these visits whether or not a conversion is made. Potential customers will be able to view your social media pages to further the consideration process. Also, social media links allow you to more easily turn pleased customers into your followers and unofficial ambassadors. It’s worth noting that anyone who follows your pages on social media is totally free to reach.

  • Chat Feature

With a 24/7 chat feature available on your website, it will be much easier for consumers to ask questions about specific services that they are interested in. It can be tiring to search around an entire website for a specific answer or product that they are looking for, why not make it easier for them?  With a chat feature, your user experience will be advanced and people will be more open to spreading the word about your company. Outside of work hours, chat bots can be used to automatically handle common inquiries with predefined responses.

  • Security

It is important that you focus on securing your website. This will prevent hackers from accessing personal information on clients and your own data. You should ensure that you invest in acquiring an SSL certificate. The SSL will encrypt communications between you and your clients and conceal personal information such as credit card, or home address. 

  •  Mobile and User-Friendly Design

When designing your website, you should consider your consumer’s preferences. Your website should be easy to navigate around. In addition, you should ensure that your website is mobile-friendly. Mobile phones are now the most common means of accessing the internet. Do not miss out on potential customers by not catering for mobile users.

  • FAQ

Customers will always have questions, some may even be repetitive. Jot down the most frequently asked questions and create clear, concise feedback for each. Create a section on your website that can be easily accessed by customers who may be interested in finding out about a specific service that you offer. This will save time for both you and your consumers. 

  • An About Page

The about page is one of the most crucial pages on your website. This is where your customers will get to know about your company. Your about page is where you tell your company’s story. How did it start? Who have you worked with? What makes you different from others? This page introduces employees so that your consumers can get a more personal feeling. The information on your about page should be short and interesting. 

  • Images

Images are one of the most necessary aspects of your website. Your images will draw attention, illustrate stories, and display photos of your products/services. 

  • Consistent Content 

Having regular unique content on your website is a great asset. This will attract the right audience to your website and keep them engaged while providing an overall positive experience. Having the right content on your website is also a great way to generate new leads. Create a posting strategy and a schedule and stick with it. Your customers will even start looking out for your posts! 

These 9 tips will definitely help your website to stand out. Having the right content and technique for your website will boost your business success.

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