Top 7 Mistakes/THINGS To Avoid When Planning A Virtual Event

Hosting a virtual event requires just as much planning as hosting a live event. As we move towards a more technological future, we want to ensure that our events are just as good and unforgettable. For your virtual event to be successful, here are a few things you need to avoid:

  1. Not Planning Enough For the Event

Virtual events require tons of planning. With so many persons being home there will be a lot of distraction. To make your event stand out you need to discover unique ways to grab and hold your attendee’s attention. 

Delaying the planning of your event may result in mediocre ideas. Based on the type of event you are hoping to host. You may need specific items to ensure that your event runs smoothly. You may also need to contact presenters and sponsors way before the event.  

  1. Not Promoting your Event Enough

For your event to be successful, you need to promote it! Virtual events need to be advertised just as much as in-person events. If your event is not advertised, then no one will know about it. The aim of your event should be to drive as much audience towards your event as possible. How will you reach your target audience if your event is not promoted? 

  1. Choosing a Bad Software 

Yes. There are tons of virtual event hosting services available to choose from. However, not all of them are competent or worth the money. Planning of your event should include getting software that is able to provide the necessary features that will meet the needs of your event. Your software should be able to support your event from start to finish. 

  1. Getting the Wrong Sponsors

Sponsors play a huge role in the success of your event. Your sponsors should offer similar services or operate in the same industry to prevent any unnecessary distraction from the goal of your event. Would you want your event to be about cars but your sponsors specialize in hair? Avoid just having any sponsor as that may be very confusing for your attendees. 

  1. Lengthy Sessions

Your virtual event should be simple and straight to the point. A lengthy presentation will bore your attendees.  Allocate a time slot for each presenter and have them stick to it!  Your event should be engaging so that your attendees won’t get bored. You don’t want to be the host whose attendees leave before the event even ends because of unnecessary pitches. Keep it short, sweet, and spicy. 

  1. Not Having a Budget

Virtual or live events. Both require the need of funds and proper budgeting to execute a one-of-a-kind event. Not having a budget for your event will be the biggest mistake. When budgeting you should ensure that the feature you hope to have is communicated and is able to fit into your budget. 

  1. Not Having a Final Run-Through

An event without a test run is a sure disaster. Most of your presenters may not be tech-savvy, therefore you should make it your best interest to have your participants do a run-through before the day of the event. Your final run-through is to check for hiccups so you can solve the issue in advance. 

In conclusion, not every event will be perfect, however, when hosting your event you want to at least try and do it right. Avoiding the mistakes that are listed above will definitely lead to a successful event. For more information on our virtual event platform. Visit us at

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